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Long-distance competition Nove Colli: are you ok with the preparation?

About 4 months to the start of the Nove Colli to go, how is it going your athletic training? This long-distance competition is a sort of a marathon for cyclists, so it needs a long and careful training.

In winter time it becomes more difficult to ride long distances in the open air, so here are some alternatives for your winter training: fitness and winter sports.

Fitness exercises aim to maximize the strength gain while minimizing the increase in muscle volume. It is therefore advisable to perform 12-18 reps per exercise focusing on strength in the early stages and on endurance at the end of the preparatory period with weights. The training will be mainly aimed at strengthening the lower limbs but it is also very important to strengthen the abdominal muscles and lower back without neglecting the training of the trunk and upper limbs. Obviously everything will be preceded by a warm-up on an exercise bike or a step machine for 5-10 minutes.

At the end of the session it is advisable to perform a transformation work on the exercise bike for 15-20 minutes finishing the workout with some stretching exercises.

Among the alternative activities that are well matched to winter temperatures cross-country skiing and ice-skating are excellent, because of their effect on the cardiovascular system. At the same time the winter sports do not harm joints and muscles.


What diet for a marathon?

At Christmas time you can eat complex carbs, which are essential in the diet of a cyclist. So, eat a lot of pasta, rice and cereals.

Have you checked your bicycle?

Before facing a race so challenging it would be better to make an accurate control of the bike. Chain, tires have to be replaced if exhausted; gear, brakes and wheels have to be recorded. It is very important to have a good riding position especially during long racing, that’s why it is advisable to buy a bicycle custom-made or adjusted by a qualified mechanic.

Do not underestimate your bike shoes: look for a model based on the shape of your foot, better if your mechanic suggests you the most suitable model and settles the cleats.

Well, at this point in the preparation and in this period of the year, just think about three weeks of holidays and complete rest to recharge the batteries. Maybe the right time is just that …

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