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What does it mean gluten-free hotel?

How and what to cook in order to avoid gluten intolerance on holiday.

Gluten intolerance is becoming more widespread. Gluten-free recipes take particular account of children with celiac disease.

Gluten-free desserts, bread and pasta are part of the daily menu to satisfy even the youngest children, this way you will avoid to experience the symptoms of the celiac disease and to ruin your holiday!

For example, you can prepare gluten-free bread with these ingredients:

  • 260 g flour for bread Biaglut
  • 130 g flour Glutafin Select
  • 70 g flour Farmo
  • q.b. cornmeal Nutrifree
  • 400 g warm water
  • 6 g salt
  • 3 g sugar
  • 1 g fresh brewer`s yeast


Rules for gluten-free cooking

Gluten-free cooking does not mean only use gluten-free ingredients, but also:

  • Always wash hands and tools that are being used for cooking, to avoid the presence of flour;
  • each ingredient must be one of those permitted (if in doubt please consult labels and handbook of celiac disease);
  • prefer simple homemade dishes with milk, fish, meat, eggs, fruit;
  • use grains such as rice, millet, corn and buckwheat;
  • cook completely separate gluten-free foods and those with gluten;
  • do not use cutlery, cutting boards and wooden tools because they absorb food.
  • A gluten-free cooking means all that, but also pleasure of cooking, because a holiday in Cesenatico means pleasure and well-being.

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